About Chemikucha.ge - FixMyStreet Georgia

With a few clicks, you can report problems on your street that bother you or that pose a potential danger to you and others. By reporting a problem to this site, you can help to get it fixed. You can also discuss problems that have already been reported, monitor reported problems and see what issues have been addressed.
This is the right way to report problems such as broken streetlights, missing manhole covers, major potholes, leaking water pipes, abandoned cars, severe vandalism, problems with trash collection, illegal dumpsters or dangerous trees. Please do not use this site to report emergencies, anti-social behavior, and violations of traffic rules, noise or smoke pollution, animal cruelty or other criminal activities. Please report such issues directly to the police or responsible government agencies.
To report a problem, go to the front page/report a problem page and click on the Tbilisi neighborhood the problem is located in. Then use the map to locate the problem – make sure you put it on the right spot, so that the issue can be addressed. Please provide a short and precise description of the problem and fill out the form. You can upload a picture of the problem, which will make it easier to fix it. After you submit a problem, you will receive an email that will ask you to confirm your report. Once you have done that, your report will appear on the website.
Tbilisi City Hall has been very open and supportive of this project. Whenever a problem is reported to the site, an automatic email is sent to designated staff at the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office. The staff of the city administration decides how a problem can be best addressed and gets the appropriate departments involved. Tbilisi City Hall has a verified user account, so if they comment on a reported problem, you can be sure it is an authentic statement. Whenever a user reports that a problem has been resolved, the report will appear as a green marker on the map.
FixMyStreet Georgia is run by Transparency International Georgia a Tbilisi-based NGO aiming to promote transparency and accountability. TI Georgia is part of the global Transparency International movement.
Transparency International Georgia
26, Rustaveli Avenue
0108 Tbilisi,
Email: info@transparency.ge
The development of FixMyStreet Georgia has been made possible by generous support from Eurasia Partnership Foundation. The views and opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily represent those of Eurasia Partnership Foundation and its donor organizations.
For the moment, we are focusing on Tbilisi. To include other Georgian municipalities, we require: a) A detailed and high-quality map of that municipality to be available on Mapspot.ge; b) Shape files of municipality ward boundary maps, which are public information and can be requested; c) Contact email addresses of officials who are in charge of street maintenance in that municipality. If you are interested in helping us to expand the scope of FixMyStreet Georgia to other communities, please contact us at fixmystreet@transparency.ge
Yes! FixMyStreet Georgia is based on an open-source platform that can be used for other monitoring and crowd-sourcing projects. If you are interested in how you or your organization could use the platform, please contact us at fixmystreet@transparency.ge.
We try our best to monitor the site. However, Transparency International Georgia, Eurasia Partnership Foundation or FixMyStreet Georgia are not responsible for the content and accuracy of material submitted by its users. We reserve the right to remove any problems or updates which we consider to be inappropriate. If you spot offensive, inappropriate or misleading content on the site, please report it to us, by clicking on the link next to the report.
If you submit a problem, FixMyStreet passes on your contact details (email and, if provided, phone number), together with the details of the problem you described, to the staff at the Tbilisi City Hall who will look at the problem and forward it to the competent department within the administration. When you submit a report or update, your (user) name is displayed upon the site, but not your email address or phone number. We will not sell or pass on your contact information to third parties.
No. We will email you if someone leaves an update on a problem you’ve reported, or that you have subscribed to. We will also send you a questionnaire email four weeks after you submit a problem, asking for a status update, to make sure problems that are fixed are updated on the site.